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Highway Restaurant Guide to Good Food

Posted on | May 10, 2010 | 1 Comment

Article by Paul Haughney

If you find yourself out on the open road and looking for somewhere to eat then you need to look into some of the better chain restaurants found along America’s highways. We’re not talking McDonalds or Denny’s here, but rather the type of good quality restaurants that those who find themselves on the road a lot will seek out because of the good quality of food at affordable prices.

One of the better-known chains in the mid-west is not only a restaurant but an excellent general store as well. Cracker Barrels are starting up at nearly every exit along the interstates. A huge hit with bus groups, Cracker Barrels offer country cooking style along with a chance to shop for gift items and foodstuffs like speciality jellies and candies.

If breakfast is your main thing it’s hard to beat Bob Evans, a mid-west chain. Always open early, Bob Evans chain is very famous for its “Down on the Farm” sausage. Mmmm, Mmmmm. They also serve a delicious lunch and dinner and always have hot, home-made biscuits and rolls served with sweet honey.

In the south, take time to stop at cafeterias since you have the opportunity to custom tailor your meal for a reasonable price. The cafeteria chains always offer a variety of vegetables and salads and almost always serve delicious homemade desserts. The chains to watch out for: Furrs, Morrisons and Lubys. These chains are always busy and don’t be put off by the sometimes long queues. The wait is well worth it. Also keep in mind that seniors are always welcome at these cafeterias and they will also benefit from special discounts.

Perkins, a well known nation-wide chain, is like an upscale Dennys, which is open 24 hours, and also has a very good bakery department. Walking into one of their outlets and smelling freshly baked rolls is just heaven!

In the east side the aptly named Friendly’s serves up awesome soups, sandwiches and burgers, which can be finished off with an ice cream from their massive selection.

Two other chains that started out west, but now starting to appear all over the USA are Marie Callenders (well known for their delicious pies) and Hamburger Hamlet. Both of these provide a full lunch and dinner menu. However, don’t let the Hamburger Hamlet name fool you, as it serves much much more than great burgers! And if you’re really hungry, try good Old World Buffets. From the mid-west to the east this chain offer good quality food, plus all you can eat. Also senior citizens discounts apply and a daily changing menu. Awesome!

If fast(er) food is your choice, give the In and Out Burger chain a try when travelling out west. They have awesome burgers and fries, cooked to order. In the south, one of the best burger joints is Whataburger. In the midwest and some parts of the south, Steak and Shake is one you must try. Their burgers, aptly called Steakburgers, are awesome as is their Cincinnati-style chilli – available in five different ways.

If you want fast food, but don’t really feel like a beef-burger, there are a few new chicken franchises that will give “the KFC colonel” a run for his money. Two that stand out are Boston Markets and Kenny Rogers Roasters. Both of these feature rotisserie chicken and a variety of delicious home cooked side. And Boston Markets have recently added turkey, ham and meat loaf to their extensive menu.

Dining out on the open road can be pretty tedious and we don’t always want to sit down for a five course meal and wait hours for the pleasure. The chains mentioned in this article are some of the best and you won’t be disappointed is you want to stop for one course or many more. Enjoy!