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Eating at Restaurants for Free

Posted on | May 8, 2010 | Comments Off on Eating at Restaurants for Free


Go to and sign up to become a member. There are no strings attached. It costs nothing to join and there are no membership fees. is supported by the restaurants themselves, who offer deep discounts with the hope that this website will help them pull in many new customers.

Type in your zip code to find participating restaurants and cafes in your area. None of the participating restaurants listed in my zip code were chains, by the way. They were cozy cafes, sushi bars, and tasteful Mediterranean restaurants (places where I’d actually wanted to eat).

You’ll have the option to buy gift certificates for ( certificates for , certificates for , etc.). This sounds like a great deal. But you can actually pay much less, as frequently offers additional discount codes. They email these to you, but you can also find them on coupon code websites. Currently, they’re offering a 80% discount (using the coupon code “DINE”–they reuse this code, so it may work for you in the future). That means you can buy a restaurant gift certificate for just ! Last winter, I waited until they sent me an 80% off coupon code and then bought a dozen gift certificates (they never expire in Maryland, in some states they expire after one year). Sometimes also gives gift certificates away for free.

Once you’ve paid a few bucks for your gift certificates, simply go to your account page and print them out. Printing them from your computer makes it possible to purchase a gift certificate and go out to eat that evening.

There are a few conditions. In order to get fee food, you usually have to spend a minimum amount. Most gift certificates require you to spend (which is easy to do with two people). When everything’s totaled up, though, you’ll spend on a restaurant bill!

I’m in no way affiliated with I’m just thrilled to have discovered the site. Our family is on a tight budget, and this service makes eating out so much more affordable. If you like eating out, or just want to add a small gift to a birthday card, these certificates are a wonderful idea.