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a guide to iceland

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Travel Tips to European Countries: Ireland About

summers and cold winters with moderate snowfall. May and June calendar months. Changes in the weather very often from the rainy to sunny and vice versa. When planning a visit in the summer and light clothing made from wool or cotton are recommended and jacket for spring and autumn. Always wear a raincoat for early showers. Incase of emergency call 999 or 112

Most residents prefer to culture in the English language to speak here. Handshaking usual. The Irish are social people and good with a lively chat even with strangers. People live in great harmony and good friends. Foreigners are welcomed with warmth and you feel at home. Look forward to never again send an empty stomach as food ever served at any time of day for the guest. Most residents come from an agricultural background. Dinner food is important, because it is the time when the whole family gathered to eat, and. You can dress casually, if the roads should formally with the exception of women in party clothes and good restaurants. Smoking is prohibited in public buildings.

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organize to market at least once a week, it’s worth it for cheap goods. Belfast commercial capital of Ireland; Most shops are open from early morning and close early. On Thursday, the shops are open to 8 clock at night. VAT rate by almost 17% is charged, which are later used. So, if you buy something in stores to score you’re forgetting Retail Export Scheme, which require a passport and fill out the form would be tax-free shopping personal sales. If no bill contains a tax on all restaurants give 10% tip to evaluate their performance. Tipping makers and hairdressers Usually here.

Electricity in Northern Ireland, 240V-50AC. Getting There

national airline, which is active here, the Aer Lingus service from most major cities in the world makes available. Airlines like Delta Air Lines and many others, were introduced and promote their special promotional fares are offered in the air. Check out these proposals will be money savers. There are many flights from England to Ireland. Dublin Airport is situated 10 km from the city. Services such as air-taxi-buses, the buses to transport passengers to their destination. The airport has duty-free shops, bank, currency exchange, car hire tourist information and restaurants for a pleasant journey. Shannon Airport is located in the north of Limerick City and 24 km and 25 minutes drive away. Buses and taxis are available for transportation. Other services are made available in duty-free shops, currency exchange, tourist information, banks and restaurants. When planning your trip Check out other airports like Cork Airport Knock Airport information more options. Departure will be in the amount of $ 10 must be paid to the population over 12 years to the international airport Hahn. Use

Ferries Departure Baltimore Galway-Dublin-Wexford and Kinsale ports. Most of the ferries offer high-speed services. From time to time, today announced that bids that have been taken to be saving money. Check out Web sites that offer some of them online.

duty free items

1 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco 2nd

1L distilled beverages and spirits (more than 22 per cent) or 2l other alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of no more than 22 per cent, including sparkling or fortified wine, plus 2 l of wine 3

Plate 50g perfume and eau de toilette 250 ml

makers should have 17 years. Sharps firearms, explosives, food, agricultural products and hay or straw should pought together because they are forbidden.

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