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Going Online and Establishing Lasting Relationships Singles in Tampa

Posted on | April 9, 2010 | Comments Off on Going Online and Establishing Lasting Relationships Singles in Tampa

Article by Debra Kirkpatrick

In my line of work, I am often assigned to fix software problems foundin computers that are used in a lot of banks here in the UnitedStates. A bank in Tampa wanted to upgrade the software in almost 1,200computers and so my office gave me three weeks to finish it. It was myfirst time in the city and I never knew how one place could get sobig. I do not know anyone personally in Tampa and knowing how busy Iand thousands of professional singles in Tampa would be, meetingsomeone interesting from the opposite sex for a social occasion wouldbe a very lucky draw.

Instead, what I did was to consult an online dating service and askedthem to pair me off with at least two women. I submitted my personaldetails and soon enough I was given two possible dates living abouttwenty minutes away from the apartment I was renting.

I was lucky with both professional singles in Tampa. One of themworked as an analyst at Sony Pictures while the other is an auditor ata Tampa Bay city guide center. I made it clear to them that I will bestaying in Tampa for only three weeks and I wanted to make somequality friendship. The girls in return said that work is theirpriority and while they like to date, being in a relationship is notone of their priorities. It was fine for me because I also wanted tomake more female friends.

So I asked them where to go if you wanted to have the perfect date inTampa. My first date said nothing beats watching the Tampa BayBuccaneer’s in the stadium for a first date. My other date wanted meto bring her to one of the many ethnic restaurants that feature Asiancuisine. My three weeks in Tampa passed by unnoticed because of thefun I had with my two gorgeous dates who were the perfect professionalsingles in Tampa.