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Taboga Island in Panama

Posted on | April 2, 2010 | Comments Off on Taboga Island in Panama

Panama is one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world. Not surprisingly so, as it has so much to offer its visitors. Here you can enjoy the dramatic Panama City, slip off for a vacation in the Chiriqui Highlands or look for a quiet getaway. The Taboga Island is a terrific escape from the humdrum of city life.

Getting there

It is only 12 miles from the capital of the country and can be accessed by ferry. A short taxi ride will bring you to the Amador Causeway from where you can take a ferry ride. Do spend some time enjoying the sights and sounds here and also enjoy a meal at one of the fine restaurants here. If you have some time you can also take in some shopping at the boutiques.

The ferry ride will cost you about per adult and lesser for children. A 45 minute ride brings you to the Taboga Island.

The island has a rich and interesting history. It is often referred to as the ‘Island of Flowers’ because of the many species of flora that are found here. It has a warm to mild climate and it is common to experience a gentle breeze all through the day. The best season to visit the island is from December until April.

Where to stay

The island offers a range of accommodation that suits all budgets. You can opt to stay at a luxurious hotel, a comfortable B&B or opt for a hostel. This is a great weekend getaway from the city life. And a wonderful place to replenish your energies and spirit.

What to do

There is plenty to see and do on the island to keep your entertained. One of the most interesting things about the island is it lack of vehicles. There are only a few trucks to transport things from one part of the island to the other. Golf carts are sometimes used by visitors to move around the island.

If it is fishing that interests you then the focus of your visit should be the southern side of Island of Taboga. It can be accessed only by boat and not by land. It is a good idea to take a guide along to show you the best fishing waters. Some of the fishes common to this area include Yellowfin Tuna, Pacific Sailfish, Blue marlin and Roosterfish. Enjoy lazing on the clean beaches and when the tide is low collect shells to take home.

The small town of San Pedro lies in the Northern part of the island. Its claim to fame is the fact that it is the first port in the New World. For history buffs there is much to explore on the island. It was here that Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish explorer received the funds to plan and carry out his conquest of Peru. In the 17th century the island was made famous by the pirate Henry Morgan who raided Panama City and plundered the island. Thereafter, it was believed to be a haven of sorts for pirates and adventurers. Treasure seekers still believe that parts of the island hold hidden treasures, buried long ago.

Take a hike into the tropical forests here with a guide and enjoy the flora and fauna that it is famous for. The island offers you a host of fruits including delicious pineapples and mangoes to relish. If you enjoy seafood then you will love the native food on the Taboga Island in Panama. Plan a picnic at the island’s highest peak, the Cerro del la Cruz. You will also see here a 20 foot cross that dates back to the 16th century. Don’t forget to miss out on the spectacular sunsets or star gazing when you are here.