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Sydney Australia Visitor Perspectives

Posted on | March 22, 2010 | Comments Off on Sydney Australia Visitor Perspectives

I have recently had my brother and his wife over from the UK, and played the Sydney tour guide for a couple of weeks. It was good to get out and about and even better to see Sydney again through new eyes. I guess many of us take for granted some of the special things in life and I realise now I’ve been wasting far too much verbal energy complaining about Sydney traffic, house prices and its politicians!

I’m sure they are all familiar subject to anyone living in a city anywhere around the world, so I thought I’d clear my negatives out and write about just how special this city and its surrounds are.

I doubt any visitor has complained about Sydney harbor as regardless of where you view it from, what time of day or year or in whatever weather conditions, it is simply stunning. Viewed from the air or center point tower on a clear day is a must on every visitors list of to do’s. It certainly put the whole harbor into perspective and it’s easy to see why it was chosen as the perfect location for settlement.

While some would argue that it would be much nicer in its pristine state I think most people would agree that the development that has occurred over the years has generally given the city something to be proud of. The opera house, the bridge, the domain, the rocks, Bondi beach and Centennial Park are just a few places that stand out. It is debatable whether newer developments such as Darling harbor have the same appeal or enhance what we already have but none the less from a visitor perspective I think there is too much of Sydney to be in awe of to bother debating it.

That was certainly the case for my brother and his wife as they compared it to the industrial city of Birmingham in England where they live. I found it interesting how some of the smaller differences were noticeable for them, such as “Wow people sure like their coffee and restaurants here” Doyle’s restaurant has become such a recognized name world wide that it has even penetrated England’s industrial midlands as my brother told me all about the place.

Unfortunately there was so much for them to see and do in Sydney that they missed out on a few gems further out from Sydney. The Blue Mountains to the north, with its magnificent views and rock formations. Even the trip up there could be regarded as special to anyone who has never experienced the unique flora and landscapes of Australia. And of course the coastline to the north and south of Sydney is breathtaking.

And the city is made all the more special by it’s friendly & fun loving inhabitant’s. Sydney loves any excuse to party or hold an event which is evident every New Years Eve when the harbour lights up under a spectacular fireworks display.

Yes Sydney is very special and I hope I don’t wait another 12 years for my family to return to make me realise it.

Brian Page

Community Partner

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